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Gotta Bounce: Google Analytics Bounce Rate

So, you have an awesome site, filled with pages of awesome content. You’re PR is on the rise and you get 5,000 views a day… great! But, are you really giving them what they want when they first get to your site? If you have a high bounce rate, you may not be.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a the percentage of people that leave (or bounce) after visiting just one page on you site. It’s a very useful stastic, but one that is often forgotten beneath the other stats.

If you have a high bounce rate, it means people are coming to you site and deciding it’s not what they were looking for.

Let’s say we are comparing two sites: one that has 5,000 visits a day with a bounce rate of 95% and another with 500 visits a day and a bounce rate of 5%.

The first site gets a lot of people to their site, but only 250 of those visitors actually look at at least two pages. In that sense, you aren’t getting a very high quality of traffic. This means they weren’t really interested in your site and probably won’t share it or be back themselves. They never get the oppurtunity to see and share all your awesome content.

Converesly, even though the smaller site only has a tenth (500) of the people a day, almost all (450) of them view at least two pages. This means that this website has something that interests others. And when you interest others, they’ll share that with others and help your site grow.

Decreasing Your Bounce Rate

Give’em what they want! If you want to decrease your bounce rate, give them something interesting. Have featured pages on the home page, while keeping the clutter low. Add related links to the end of articles. With them interested, they’ll stay longer, which is never a bad thing.

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